Cutest Tomatoes

At my sister’s garden I saw the cutest little tomatoes.
Abby Lu
Abby Lu
Artistic Milestone tomatoes


12 thoughts on “Cutest Tomatoes

  1. These are cute. My dad grew the typical red tomatoes, but our neighbor grew big, small, yellow and pear-shaped ones. I’ve not seen any quite like these.

  2. D’aw! This is adorable! I’m not sure if you read this as a child but this reminds me of the book, How Are You Peeling? It’s about fruits and veggies carved to have faces. A favorite as a child:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

    • What a cute funny title ! Have not read that book yet, but now I’m very curious. Thanx for stopping by Olivia 🙂

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