Holy Week 2013

I’m not a devoted Christian as I would like to be, but at the least I try to do something religious during the Holy Week instead of just planning a “non-religious vacation” like I use to.  This is my Holy Week 2013 in pictures.

Palm Sunday : For the longest time I thought these palms leaves are used to ward of evil spirits or hungry ghosts…ignorant me.   I know now that these palm leaves are actually bought to commemorate the entry of Jesus Christ into Jerusalem.  We brought this to church on Palm Sunday to be blessed by the priest, afterwards hung them anywhere inside or outside our home.

Palm leaves, marikina

We bought palm leaves last Saturday to prepare for the beginning of Holy Week on Sunday — Palm Sunday

Good Friday :  Husband and I attended the ecumenical Stations of the Cross at Saint Pio Chapel in Libis.   This chapel has built several crosses of different sizes for you to carry while walking the 14 stations set up in the empty driveway at the church.  This created the feeling and ambiance that quite resembles the time when Christ was crucified.  I’ve seen children as young as about 8 years old took part in this, and some people even tried walking barefoot too .  ( I only took two pictures because I didn’t want to disturb the people praying inside. )


Cross of different sizes are stacked neatly outside the Church’s front door. Ministers of the church distribute the crosses to  devotees who wanted to walk the 14 stations of the cross.

artistic milestone

Each of us were give a piece of paper containing prayers and short stories about each station.

Black Saturday :   I spent time at home preparing food for Easter Sunday as my family will be coming over. I made my daughter’s favorite sweet korean chicken and my newly invented taro-coconut pudding.  Yeah the pudding doesn’t look very nice but they are actually very creamy and deliciously baked in the coconut shell. ( I can’t think of any garnish or decoration to make it look more appealing than this one in the right photo.)

Abby Lu

Korean style baked chicken and taro-coconut pudding for dessert. YUM!

Easter Sunday : Spent time resting at home with my family, eating, eating, and eating.


Adults ate while kids swam all sunny afternoon.

How was your Holy Week?


7 thoughts on “Holy Week 2013

  1. Kids and water go together, don’t they? This was the first year I’d heard of the 14 stations of the cross. We read them together at our small group. It’s interesting to have the crosses to be carried. I’m sure that adds to the experience. Nice photo of the colorful palms.

    • I guess so, my kid swims almost everyday. Saint Pio Chapel is the only church I know who practices this every Holy Week and I think its brilliant because it somehow helps us remember the events of Christ crucifiction much more than just reading or listening about it. Thanx Patti 🙂

  2. Inspiring post my friend. This is the Holy Week that I grew up with. I miss these priceless traditions. My Holy Week has never been half close in America to that in my hometown. God bless.

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