Trixie and I

Daily Prompt __ Menagerie 

Do you have animals in your life? If yes what do they mean to you.  If no why have you opted not to?

I’m an animal loving gal but I don’t wanna own any because I’m already too busy and not rich enough to take care of an orangutan, a horse, an owl and a tiger.  ( I got tired of dogs lol 🙂 ) I used to own and love two mini pincher dogs when I was little, they died of old age after 8 years or so and I never wanted to replace them ever since.  I’ve grown up and didn’t want the added responsibility of taking best care of them.

We were at the Ark Avilon mini zoo last Sunday.  Below are some pictures of me with Trixie the friendliest prettiest Orangutan I’ve ever encountered.  She kept smiling for the camera and would even kiss you willingly if you tell her to.

IMG_1057Her hands are surprisingly soft.

She wanted to do a high five lol 🙂

According to my mom-in-law, this mini zoo started as a hobby of an animal lover couple who just loves to buy and collect animals.  I love this zoo as it is very interactive and educational especially to kids.


16 thoughts on “Trixie and I

    • I know right? Her smile is just so tender-hearted, I didn’t know what she wanted until her keeper told me that she wanted to high five 🙂

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