Antique Machines

1949 Merchant FiguremasterFound this old fashion electromechanical digital calculator at my mom’s house which used to belong to her mom.  It’s called the 1949 Merchant Figuremaster.  Grandma used this one during the 1950s while running her family business.  According to her, this was fast, accurate and dependable.

calcutator oldWhile researching about this I came across this ad on ebay. ( you may click on the image on the left to go to the source on ebay ) They call this the Merchant Figuremaster calculator “Heaven on Earth.”  Not according to it’s weight definitely,  I tried carrying this and it is so much heavier than the heaviest laptop.  This perhaps culminates in the line of mechanical calculator evolution that started in the early 1900s. It could add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers at the touch of a button.

I’m guessing this one is a newer version, perhaps in the 1950s since it looks less complicated since it has fewer buttons.  I still have not found a single source online about this but will update when I do.

antique adding machine

An antique Singer brand sewing machine is still existing at our home.

Vintage Singer Sewing Machine
My husband’s grandma (the owner ) is turning 91 this year and she’s still using this.

Artistic milestone

This last one originally belongs to my husband 30yrs ago.  A Matchbox brand antique toy phone.

Abigail Lu


11 thoughts on “Antique Machines

  1. Fascinating to imagine how new and modern it must have seeemed to your grandmother! Imagine your grandchildren finding your laptop and what they will say about it…. :-p The sewing machine is a gem, I dream of having one like that.

    • Technology is advancing fast and furious and quite unpredictable, I have a feeling that 30+ years from now my grandchildren will be see my laptop as antique and “stone age” 🙂

  2. We have the sewing machine too in my Lola’s house at my hometown. It’s really really old but still working too! The technology is faster than the blink of an eye.

  3. Those machines look so cool with the red background. What is it about old things that gives them a charisma of a sort. Looks like you’ve got some collectors in your family. Lucky for you!

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