Tooth Fairy, Mission Impossible

When I was 6 I was too scared of Tooth Fairies coming into my bedroom reach under my pillow while I sleep to look for my tooth. Even though I was assured that tooth fairies are nice and loving, they still scare me for some reason.

Screen shot 2013-03-10 at 1.49.13 PM

The first time I left my tooth under my pillow, I couldn’t sleep well the whole night.   Little tiny sounds woke me up and the poor Tooth Fairy was probably cold and tired outside peeking at my window, waiting for me to fall asleep.  The following morning mom told me that the fairy didn’t get me a present because she knew I was awake.

The second night I left my tooth under my pillow, I couldn’t sleep well yet again for I’m scared that the Tooth fairy might be frustrated with me for wasting her time the other night.  The following morning there was still no present.

The third night.  Oh no, I don’t want the tooth fairy coming here, I thought.  I really felt that the Tooth Fairy was really pissed.   So I told my brave twin sister to keep my tooth under her pillow so when the Tooth Fairy comes she would go straight to my sister and replace my tooth with money which we would then split the following morning.  My twin sister agreed and so I was able to sleep well.  The following morning we found 10 bucks under my sister’s pillow…. Thanx Tooth Fairy… and sorry!

There are many different types of fairy tales, to me, whether a tale is good or bad depends on the child’s circumstances.  But in general I think Tooth Fairies, Santa Clause, Mermaids, and such are fun and harmless fantasies to kids.

–> I wrote this for the Daily Prompt — Fantasy


12 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy, Mission Impossible

  1. It had never occurred to me that a child might be afraid of a tooth fairy – dentist, yes, but not a tooth fairy! I live and learn – fascinating and very honest post 🙂

    • Well I was excited at first but then the more I thought about it my excitement turned to fear as I realized that some creature will be stalking me at night lol 🙂 Thanx Martin!

  2. This is a wonderful post! It’s funny how children react to things sometimes, and I bet your parents were quite surprised to have caused you sleepless nights when all they meant for you to have was fun!

  3. How clever of you to find a solution with your sister 🙂 Here in France it’s a mouse who brings the cash….. I had no problems with the tooth fairy, but I would have been behing the door with a baseball bat for the mouse, even today!

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