Lost in the Details

As an artist, I’m attracted to details. To me, the beauty is in the details, they are the very source of expression in art.  

Hillside playground

It was a cool sunny morning, the playground is always the first place she wants to visit…


… lurking within

artistic milestone

Then I spotted Mr. Ichiban the itchy caterpillar (aka. Painted Pine Moth ) crossing the bridge …

Artistic milestone

I zoomed in to take a closer look.  “You dare touch me?” asked Mr. Ichiban

Something plain and ordinary can be so beautiful and unique in its details.


18 thoughts on “Lost in the Details

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  2. Oh my! Mr. Ichiban makes me… faint. @_@ Sorry, I’m afraid of crawling creatures!

    I love reading your blog, btw! You are so artistic (Yes, you are!) and you’re really good in writing! Hats off 🙂

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  4. Love how you took the reader from general to specific, just like the Challenge described. And I like the angle of your pictures. I’m always trying to get things straight, but I think I prefer the artsy tilted perspective!

  5. I am a student in a master gardener class, where we have studied plant insects, the good guys and the destructive ones. I have to look up the Painted Pine Moth to find out which class he belongs in. Interesting looking creature!

    • these caterpillars are very common at our playground but never noticed how beautiful they are after I took a photo and zoomed in. Thanx for stopping by Ronnie!

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