Berry Fresh and Tasty Smoothie

marionberry treeI’ve been eyeing on my sister’s marionberry tree for over a month now and just yesterday I was lucky enough to get to it first before the birds.

Artisticmilestone t

Why am I making such a fuss about this? Well not really. Ever since my sister let me taste a few marionberry fruit from her garden I became quite curious about it because I’ve never heard of this type of berry.

marion berry fruit

Every time I visit my sister (which is quite often ) I check on her marionberry tree for fruits and most if not all the time all the fruits are either eaten by her son or most of the time by the birds so this is quite a rare opportunity for me to get my hands on this tree full of fruits all to myself.

collected berry

Its getting late but I managed to collect about 3/4C of marionberries. To me the taste of the berry in itself is somewhere between raspberry and blueberry —tarty, earthy and sweet or very berry-like. The red once aren’t fully ripen thus a bit sour.  After googling, turns out marionberries are actually derived from a crossbreeding of several types of berries; raspberry, blackberry and olallieberry. Hmmm…very interesting… I put it in a container in the fridge ready to be made into a smoothie the next morning.

berry smoothie

One of my favorite ways to start my lazy day is to pull out the blender and make a quick breakfast smoothie.   I’m sure many of you prefer your smoothie icy cold but for me an ice-free but cold smoothie is the way to go in the mornings.

Ingredients : maple syrup (optional ), 1/2C almond milk, 1/2C yoghurt, ice cubes (optional ), 3/4C marionberries, 1 large banana.

Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 9.07.57 PM

Just put all these ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.  Adjust to your desired consistency by adding almond milk.  I personally like thick, rich, creamy and cold smoothie to fill me up for breakfast.  This makes 2 servings.

So berry sweet and yummy! Try using fresh local ingredients to get the most nutritious benefits.  Oranges, carrots, mangoes or pineapples are excellent choices mixed with this or actually any type of berries.

Just in case you decided to grow your own marionberry tree.   Here’s a tip I got from my sister:  Coffee grounds is a valuable source of organic matter for they are rich in nitrogen, some magnesium, calcium and other trace minerals to make your plant grow tall and fat.  Simply sprinkle some directly to the soil and leave it alone.   –In case you don’t drink coffee you may get it at Starbucks, that’s where she gets hers.  Trust me, they’ll gladly give it to you since it’s a useless waste for them.


11 thoughts on “Berry Fresh and Tasty Smoothie

    • Thanx! They actually do look a lot like mulberries, even their leaves looks quite similar. Although the mulberries I had before wasn’t in season so they didn’t taste that great .

    • thanx Patti. Same here, thick and rich smoothie is also healthier since its more concentrated with fruits and yoghurt 🙂

  1. I never heard about marionberries before, this is actually my first time to see that. I wish we have marionberries here in the Philippines! I’d love to make cupcakes with marionberries! *drool*

    • haha well your in luck because we do have marionberries in our country ( Philippines ). But I understand your confusion, it’s quite rare to hear berries growing in our tropical country — which is why I got so interested in my sister’s berry tree 😉

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