The Cute Guy Next Door

Artistic milestone

I live in a lively neighborhood with lots children and friends to hang out with.  Usually on weekdays in the late afternoon many of them will be hanging out in the playground right in front of our house.   Just the other day when I got home from work I noticed that there’s no one at the playground and seemed like no one’s home either.  I went up to my room and found the maids, nanny and Katkat, my sister in law peeking outside my window.  They happen to catch an incredibly good looking actor endorsing a sports car the other day,  according to Kat, it’s the new Aston Martin model, sort of looks like batman’s car.  ( I forgot to take a photo of that car but it’s the black car in front of the gate…sorry too small to see. ) Even though I don’t watch TV that much, and didn’t know his name, I’ve seen him enough in magazines, ads, and commercials to know that he’s a rather famous actor and model in the Philippines.  It’s Dingdong Dantes! He’s in our neighbors house! says my nanny.  What a name, I thought.  After prolonged snooping, one of my maids took a photo of him from my window ( right photo ), nothing much to see but his the guy in all black near the motorcycle.

For hours they were just standing at the corner of my room snooping out at our next-door neighbor until I finally suggested that we go out there and ask to take a photo. This is far less annoying to the neighbors, not to mention my daughter needs attention.  So here it is.

Abby C. Lu

I always have found his name weird but who cares, he’s after all incredibly good looking.

© 2013 Abby Lu / Artistic Milestone.  All rights reserved.


14 thoughts on “The Cute Guy Next Door

  1. I’m Filipino and I’m laughing here since nicknames like “Dingdong” are so popular in the Philippines. Most of my family have nicknames that we go by. It’s definitely a cultural thing. Seeing him must have been so exciting!

    • I didn’t even know who or “what” Ding Dong is at first, just got excited when I saw everyone getting excited over him lol, Thanx for stopping by.

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