What Goes Around, Comes Around

Daily Prompt _ Karma Chameleon

Coincidentally, today’s daily prompt is related to where I was last weekend.  I was celebrating the 3rd year death anniversary of my grandmother, the first mass was held at a Catholic church and the second mass at the temple that was arranged by my dad, who is a Buddhist.  At the temple we started with prayers that accumulate merit for a speedy and auspicious rebirth of my grandmother’s new existence / reincarnation.  I’m actually not even sure of my Catholic religion or whether or not to believe in Buddhist reincarnation like my dad but anyhow I respect both religion and I actually like the way Buddhism celebrates the death anniversary of the deceased and the whole meaning of it.  As for karma, yes I think I believe in it, it’s basically about cause and effect or the idea of “you deserve what you get” otherwise it won’t be a just world, and an unjust world isn’t worth living… Perhaps if ever reincarnation is real and there is such thing as karma, then being good in this life would mean I won’t be a cockroach or a chicken in my next life haha 🙂
3rd year death anniversary

I enjoy the serene atmosphere of both the temple and church though, finding there peace of mind and comfort in the midst of my hectic life in the jungle.  See the two kids on the right? They’re my niece and nephew, obviously way too bored to listen to the chanting monks.


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8 thoughts on “What Goes Around, Comes Around

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  2. I think the blending of religions is a wonderful thing – we each need to find what makes sense and works for us. And, I think the fear of coming back as a cockroach or a chicken would scare anybody into living a decent life on their current go around.

    • True. A more ethical life is perhaps the advantage of believing in reincarnation and karma. Thanx for stopping by!

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