Looking Beyond — City of Venice

Weekly Photo Challenge : BEYOND

2008.12.12A city on water.  A city without cars

Screen shot 2013-01-19 at 8.19.14 PMA gorgeous city.  A place so romantic.

artistic milestoneA city stuck in the past.  A city on stage.

abigail luA city with rising tourism, yet with sliding population

P1000966A dying city.  Ciao ciao Venice!

© 2013 Abigail C. Lu / Artistic Milestone


12 thoughts on “Looking Beyond — City of Venice

    • Sadly only the tourists seems to care more of this beautiful place. There’s still no solid proposed plan on how to truly stop the inevitable submersion of the city of Venice…well I suppose nothing last forever.

  1. when did you go? we are going next month. I don’t think it’s a dying city, although it might look crumbling it’s been there for centuries and it’s survived the water for this long, they are certainly going to find a way to save all those beautiful houses, people and architecture. The project for the high-water is called MOSE. One thing they should stop is the huge cruise liners, they have no place in Venice, too big for such shallow waters, and they bring too many people.

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