Weekly Photo Challenge – RESOLVED

Resolved #1  – No more shopping

Christmas time is actually a stressful time for me because I HATE shopping.  Also since my family knows that I’m quite good at cooking and baking they would expect me to make something delicious on Christmas/New Year family get together.

If you have read my Gingerbread, the Scent of Christmas post, I said that baking Gingerbread is all fun and great…Well, not entirely true.  I have so many people to give that baking for every single one of them is actually very stressful.  And after writing that post, even more family members and friends asked me for some gingerbread cookies.  So I had to make 2 more batches! That’s 10 more hours spent in the kitchen! Well at least I didn’t have to shop anymore…

gingerbread houseUnwrapping presents is one of the happiest moments in ones life and I believe that everyone needs that moment on Christmas/New Years day.  Since I didn’t have time to shop for my maid’s presents, I got a brilliant idea of giving them photographs. I lent them my camera for 3 days…

Maids on ChristmasThey had the best time taking photos of themselves, all of them even dressed up and put make up on.   Of course I developed those pictures and bought them a small photo album each, wrapped them up and gave it to them as presents. They absolutely loved it and thanked me sincerely for they have something to send back home in their province besides money.

Resolved #2 — New Year’s Eve Dinner

My family and I got home from our Christmas trip to Marinduque all mentally recharged but physically tired from all the activities we had.  Good thing I didn’t need to search long and hard for a perfect recipe to make for our New Year’s Eve Dinner.  Thanx to my blogger friend in Life is Short, Eat Hard for sharing his best of the best lasagna recipe! I followed the recipe to the letter and it came out like this ( first photo ) …

Lasagna, bought sushi, Food for the Gods, Fresh Alcoholic Eggnog

Lasagna,  bought assorted sushi,  Food for the Gods,  Fresh Alcoholic Eggnog

Truly the best! Of course we had my alcoholic eggnog and Food for the gods (will post the recipe soon!) for dessert 🙂 Burp!

© 2012 Abigail Lu / Artistic Milestone


4 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – RESOLVED

  1. An inspiring post full of warmth, love and even delicious foods. This is what keeps us hopeful for the year through. Beautiful family picture. Wishing you and your family a wonderful New Year.

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