Wrap it up ( 2012 ) — List of broken things

Inevitably, just about every babies reach the destructive stage wherein they throw everything they see and eat on the floor.  I have high tolerance when it comes to this, perhaps its because I understand that it’s just their way of learning.  Things get broken, that’s life, I accept, but then she threw a very expensive dragon figurine my mom had (5 months ago ) and her latest victim is my laptop ( just last month )…my tolerance is running out.  I would like to just keep my cool and think that she’s just aspiring to be a scientist, fascinated with gravity, acceleration, sound waves and how all things break apart in pieces.

Anyways to wrap it up, here’s the list of things she broke (yr 2012 ) :

My mothers dragon porcelain figurine – fell off the table
4 drinking glasses – threw them on the floor
2 plates – she kicked them
1 bowl – threw them
1 glass pitcher – threw them
1 salt shaker –  threw them
2 laptop wires – bit them to death ( with her 4 teeth???)
Countless toys and story books
2 glass jars ( threw them )
Alarm Clock ( threw them from the balcony )
2 nokia cell phones,  threw them on the toilet bowl at the same time.

Her latest victim is my laptop. AAHHH! Oh Thank goodness it’s still working,  few dents here and there and a missing tooth ( the letter B from the keyboard ).

I just hope this is the last one…

celeste at 8 months

celeste at 8 months

© 2012 Abigail C. Lu / Artistic Milestone


30 thoughts on “Wrap it up ( 2012 ) — List of broken things

  1. Lol wow…I really do hope she’s aspiring to be a scientist! I don’t remember throwing too many things when I was a kid….just being really clumsy and breaking things…like dropping a full dinner plate because it was too heavy…accidentally kicking a lamp off of the table…somehow breaking a fishtank….don’t worry there were no fishes in it. 😛

  2. LOL not yet a parent but i’d certainly be fuming if my laptop – which practically earns us the money to live – would be thrown by anyone…funny list, though 🙂 and she looks so innocent LOL

  3. I was babysitting my lil grand guy the other day and he is just now discovering how us adults will “fetch” everything he throws down and he is quite amused by it now that he’s caught on. Cute post!

  4. Oh, she is adorable. My son didn’t break much stuff but he was notorious for making other kids cry when he was a toddler. It stressed me put a bit particularly when he throw a billiard ball from the second floor for fun without looking who was underneath. Almost hit an old woman’s head. He is the total opposite now. Kids go in phases but the joy they give us is priceless.

  5. You know my mom used to tell me when “You grow older and start to earn money you’d pay me back and buy all those things broke or tore.” LOL at your beautiful kid 🙂

    • Unfortunately, that didn’t work either, she’s more interested in cellphones. Such a hi-techy baby lol 🙂 Thanx for stopping by!

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