Haunted Houses

Trick or Treating was fun this year.  We walked around the village for more than 2 hours begging for treats.  Most house owners were kind enough to let me choose my chocolate.  Twas a good and fun exercise.  I have spotted several weird mystical creatures such as mermaid in a stroller, zombie with bat wing and a little boy who looked like he was ran over by an ice cream truck.  Donuts, corn dogs, ice cream and of course chocolates filled us up for dinner…then I got a phlegm-ish cough the following day but it was worth it.  Nothing that a mega dose of Vitamin C can’t handle right?  How was your Halloween?

Here are the last pictures I took for the month of October, haunted houses around my village and I had a little fun with my daughter before her bedtime.


23 thoughts on “Haunted Houses

  1. Absolutely adorable family photo! 🙂 I didn’t end up going trick or treating….but instead went to a friends house warming/Halloween party so there were still costumes and fun. Glad that you got to go beg people for candy this year. 😛

  2. Lovely pics 🙂 I waited for floods of ghoulish visitors to turn up here, but only saw my son’s friends: we live outside the village so our local ghosts were apparently too lazy (or too scared of the dark) to walk out to scare us. ever mind, I guess that mean I get to eat all the candy 🙂

    • Thanx ! 🙂 Could it be you had one of those halloweenaholic house full of creepy decorations that made the kids too scared to ask for treats? Those ghost should’ve known better. The creepier the house, the more treats they’ll get 🙂

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