Confession of a True Chocoholic

Hi I’m Abby and I’m a grateful chocoholic.  I’m grateful because I know there’s nothing wrong with my cravings and I love it. I ate my first chocolate when I was 2 years old…I liked it and the ones that followed.  About a year ago when I was still pregnant to my daughter Celestine, I ate nothing but dark chocolate for the whole day, that night she greeted the world with a smile and eyes wide open.  She was a perfectly happy and healthy 6.5 lbs baby.  I felt very blessed.

I love chocolate and would eat it 24/7 if I could.  Not just any chocolate, it should be at least 75% pure cacao without any added nuts, fruits, or dairy to satisfy my cravings.  I love the magical bitter taste, intensity and rustic smell of pure dark chocolate.  The only way I’m going to have chocolate that’s less than 75% cacao is when chilli pepper is blended in it, but still it should be at least 55% cacao.  The added spice warms my palette which compromises the 20% less cacao.

Yes! its Halloween! A good excuse to substitute my 3 meals with chocolate delivered straight from heaven ( sigh) I’ll eat it under the light of the full moon and say ” Hail Dark Chocolate! Where thou art cast turn everything all good and chocolatey! “


21 thoughts on “Confession of a True Chocoholic

    • Thats a real party pooper. He/She is probably more concern about the amount of sugar your consuming than Magnesium deficiency. Dark chocolate has the least amount of sugar and their quite healthy 🙂

      • I thought I had left you a message, but now it seems to have gone so sorry if you get this twice. ~The yummy salty chocolate is from the Lindt Excellence range. Thought it would be horrid but I really love it x

        • Thanx Elle! 🙂 I’m surely going to try that. I already like the sound of it I’m sure its going to taste like heaven 🙂

  1. I hope that you had enough chocolates,
    noooooooooo there is never enough 🙂 😉
    Actually it is said that darker chocolate is
    better for the body, I wonder if that was
    a body painter that suggested that or was
    it a reality based on health statistics? 😉

    Have a very nice rest of evening my friend 😉

    Andro xxx

    • I had more than enough of course 🙂 It’s proven that dark chocolate are high in anti oxidants. As for the cons of eating them, I never bothered researching lol 🙂

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