Poison Treats — Free Printables

Printable Cupcake toppers are just the easiest way to decorate your special event cupcakes.  Just print the FREE downloaded design ( on card stock for best result ), cut out the shapes, tape a stick/straw/toothpick/ raw spaghetti stick at the back of the toppers and enjoy. These designs can also be used as gift tags, buntings or stickers.

Instructions to download :

Step 1: Click HERE for the Fright night design, and HERE for the Poison Treat design.

Step 2 : Click the green DOWNLOAD button

Step 3 : ( for the Poison Treat design ) Click the button that says ” Download 8.02MB”

               ( for the Fright Night design ) Click the button that says ” Download 3.76 MB”

Notes on Printing Cupcake Toppers :

When you download the free printable sheets of cupcake toppers, the images are often made into squares instead of circles.  This is just so that it is easier to cut out your images into circles/ flowers/ etc. without getting any white space.  Always “print preview” before printing to make sure there are no cut edges.


13 thoughts on “Poison Treats — Free Printables

    • Thank you lordhalcion, you may also have this printed in a photo lab, matte or glossy photo paper works great too 🙂 Have a nice day ! 🙂

  1. These are absolutely brilliant and of course I am bound to favour the Skulls design, and what a nice gesture allowing the downloads 🙂 I hope that you are enjoying your week and getting ready for lots of those Trick-or-Treat surprises 🙂 Have a fun Thursday my friend…

    Andro x

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