Halloween Voodoo Dolls

The scariest season of all is just around the corner and I have been thinking how to decorate the house with cheap, original and easy DIY projects.  I want nothing too scary nor too cartoonish but something that’s creepy enough for the adults but at the same time cute enough for the kids.

I’m proud of this projects because after making them I googled looking for similar projects and guess what I’m probably the only one who’ve thought of this!  They are so cheap, creative and easy to make.

This voodoo doll are made out of fresh ginger root.  Its so darn easy to do and its creepy + cute too.  All you need is some fresh ginger ( pick the most “human” looking ones, don’t worry there are lots of them ), black marker pen,  white and red acrylic paint, 1 plain white button, 2 extra buttons for the hands (any color or design ), 1 push pin, glue.

The procedure is pretty straight forward, just look at the photo.  I just want you to note that for the eyes, one of them is made out of white button to which I drew a big and a small circle using a black marker and glued it on the ginger.  The other eye is just painted on the ginger. This will make it look like one of its eye is sticking out.


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