Angela’s Masquerade Party

Attended a masquerade theme debut party of my ballerina cousin Angela last Saturday.  It was held at the club house beside our village so it was very convenient, just 3 minutes away.  The whole place was stunningly filled with purple, silver, gold, hot pink and black colored decors with ( fake ) crystals hanging on each centerpiece table.  They also conveniently provided a mask for the guests by hanging them on the table centerpiece as well.  Of course I took one home as my souvenir.

It wasn’t your average 18th birthday party as Charles refrained from drinking or with 18 roses and candles which I find very boring by the way.  But it was an entirely different fun because Angela performed several solo and group dancing for almost the entire night.  I had no idea how talented she was until that night.  Her sexy moves + the upbeat music took my breath away and I’m sure so did everyone else in that party.  They also rented a photobooth for the guest to enjoy and take pics as souvenir. The silver fleur-de-lis background fits the theme perfectly.  She had a beautiful masquerade topsy-turvy cake ( top-left photo ) made by a friend from Bethany Dream Cakes.   Food and wine was great especially the steak, appetizers, and macaroons.  All this made me wanna be 18 again.


3 thoughts on “Angela’s Masquerade Party

  1. Yes a very nice party I think,
    and with some lovely souvenirs 🙂
    When you mentioned masquerade
    party I was thinking of the film
    Van Helsing as there is a Vampire
    masquerade party right at the end
    of that one 🙂 Hey have fun today 🙂


    • Haha I like how your mind works 🙂 And I love that movie, but the ending was not too great. Hope you have a perfect day ! 🙂

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