Celestine’s Baptism & First Birthday

I feel very lucky to have in-laws who are very supportive in planning my daughter’s baptism and 1st birthday Party.  We had started planning ever since she was about 10 months old.  I wanted it to be unique, personalized and something not from Disney because it’s too common.  So the theme I chose was RABBIT since she was born in the rabbit year ( her Chinese zodiac sign ).  I proceeded in designing her personalized invitation.  Here’s what I came up with.

I used the Easter photos I took of her.

I went shopping but couldn’t find a costume for her except for the bunny ears headband.  So for her costume, I dedicated my whole Saturday making it.  I just sew up a simple pattern of sleeveless shirt and decorated it with shiny pink beads.  Then I made her a pink, purple, and white tutu decorated with beads and ribbons.  Here’s the end result…looks more like a ballet dress but it will do.

Artistic milestone

 For her Baptismal dress, thanks to Katkat, my sister in law, she handed me her very own baptismal dress that she wore 21 years ago.  Wow! I was surprised that it still existed and a perfect fit! Looking as good as new.  Thanks to my mom-in-law who kept is so well.  My in-laws call it a “family heirloom.” Now I’m not exactly sure when does something becomes an heirloom and this may not be of great monetary value but I guess it’s the story and tradition that comes with this dress that matters in most heirlooms in general right?  And it’s the best baby dress I’ve seen so far! Here’s the photo.

The first one was a picture of Kat at 1 year old twenty one years ago. The next photo was a picture of Celeste at 1 year old taken just a couple of weeks ago. Still so purty and good as new right!?

Her giveaways were toys and Hershey chocolates with personalized labels I designed. Everyone absolutely loved it.  And below are a some of our family photos, uploaded them all together so it won’t take too long to load.

We had a wonderful photographer and videographer who documented everything.  Can’t wait to get a copy of those.  Celeste was baptized at Mary the Queen Church, where my husband and I got married.  And we chose the birthday party to be held at Chilis Restaurant because that’s where we had our very first date.   A great place by the way, aside from great food, they have an in house event planner who already took care of all the games and decorations for us, plus they gave us free bunny ear headbands which is way cool.


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