Police Officer Pretend Play for Kids | The Police Song

Almost every weekend I find time to pretend play with Bug.  From princesses and heroes to doctors and fire fighters.  Last weekend we had fun catching robbers as Bug was a police officer! At the end of the video we have a fun police nursery rhyme which Bug and I just loves to sing together and we hope your kids will love too.

The Police Officer Song

When you need help
When you are in trouble
You can count on them
They are ready to help you

Hello Mr. Officer how do you do?
(Very good )
It’s nice to see you around
You make me feel secure
(Oh thank you)
You are the Police

When you need help
When you are in trouble
You can count on them
They are ready to help you

Oh there is a robbery there
someone call the police
(Police alert all the way)
There comes the police
(Oh that’s nice)
Catching the robbers then putting them in jail
(Thank you policeman)
You are always there to help

When you need help
When you’re in trouble
You can count on them
They are ready to help you

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Cardboard Ambulance and Fire Truck


When we moved in our new place last January we have a pile of big cardboard boxes that I just couldn’t dispose of.  My imagination have completely gone wild.  I even created a list of projects that I wanted to do with them and it was only last month that I found the time and space to start my projects.

Check out the Biggest Ambulance complete with a little hospital clinic inside!  To be honest it was not an easy project.  The designing process is the hardest because I wanted it to look cute and fun instead of “too realistic” since my Youtube Channel is about toys.  And I also want it to be very interactive so I made a little hospital inside where doctor Bug and nurse Peppa can do her check up.  The rest is moderately easy because you just need a lot of patience cutting cardboards and papers and then sticking them onto the ambulance plus covering the whole thing with masking tape to make it more durable.

At the end of this funny video I gave a short tutorial on how the whole thing was made so please watch it if you’re interested in making one.


And here’s the Coolest and Biggest Fire Truck!

The main procedure here is the same as the ambulance.


And the challenging part, is always the designing process the rest is just patience and muscle workout because you’ll be using the cutter a lot and bending a lot hahaha!  You’ll know what I mean once you’ve tried this.  (Detailed tutorial and more pictures towards the end of the video)

Bug’s cousins found this video super funny while it teaches them/kids about the jobs of firefighters and what to do when there’s a fire.  It’s about two fire fighters, Peppa Pig and Bug, on a mission to save everyone in the burning hotel.  Spiderman also helped in catching the enemy.


I was already about to give up searching for a fireman costume and was ready to order one custom made for Bug which was btw so expensive and then one weekend in the mall out of the blue while looking for some stationaries with Bug we saw this!

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.52.25 PM

Wow it was so cheap ( P700 / US $15 ) and it already includes the costume and the helmet, bonus the axe, whistle, badge and the walkie talkie.  A great deal! This fits kids 4 years old and up.


Good luck Guys !  If you have any questions, hit me in the comment and I will surely get back to you.🙂  Thanx for watchin!

Learning Through Play | Doc BugStuffins

Inspired by the Disney Junior Doc Mcstuffins cartoon, Bug’s favourite toy right now is her doctor playset.  It all started when was getting bored of her dolls and ignored them so one day while we’re having lunch I told her that her babies are getting sick because she’s ignoring them.  Here’s what happen next…

We designed a simple mini hospital clinic in her bedroom and then I taught her how to use each doctor tools properly.  Besides her dolls, I was also a patient for 3 nights last week hahaha.  The other video below is about Bug being a veterinarian.   She did a thorough check up on our 3 dogs : Jersey, Secret and Sherlock.  They are the most behaved dogs we have ( out of 10 dogs) so she chose them.

One day she’ll be a great doctor !

Till then, we better get back to our patients…….

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Snow White Make Up Tutorial by a 4 Year Old

Products Used:
Foundation — Shu Uemura
Red Lipstick- -Victoria Secret
Blush On — Loreal
Eyeshadows — Department store brand
Lotion — Cetaphil
Brushes — Body Shop

Vampire Baby Alive Doll

I’ve been doing a lot of Baby Alive Doll Videos lately because it gets the most views in my youtube channel.   Bug who used to be scared of these kinds of dolls got used to it and now loved them so much.  This particular video is our favourite.  We turned the doll into a baby Vampire from the cartoon called “Monster High.”  Here she was fed witches brew, brushed her fangs, changed her diapers and more.

Took me days to design her bedroom because I had to watch a few Monster High episodes.  Love the art works in that movie so much.  The only original Monster High toy that I bought in creating this video is the black coffin shaped locker, the rest were homemade including the lamp shade and her clothes etc.   Hope you’ll enjoy watching this.

Barbie Makeover by a 4 Year Old

She’s at it again.  Putting on make up but this time she’s into the barbie look.  I can’t even put on a fake eyelash on myself but here she is at only 4 years old and already quite good at putting on fake eyelashes.

We bought the Barbie makeup from Toys R Us and the others are just department store brands.  The Barbie eyeshadows are a little too light for me but then again it’s a kids brand and the best part is you can easily wash them off with just water so its great for pretend play.

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Easter Summer Event 2016

Spent our Easter Sunday in our Village again.  And I have to say it was not as beautiful and interesting as last years Alice in Wonderland theme.  We did not enjoy it  because Bug didn’t like the prizes and we were expecting  at least equally great performance like last years.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.46.25 AM

At least Bug got some exercise looking for eggs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 8.47.21 AM


Nothing beats our fun easter activity at home making Cupcakes in Eggs🙂

But this time we filled up our egg shells with Carrot cake! Yummmmm!